Dr Marcoux has a special interest in applying gentle Chiropractic care for infants and children.

Chiropractic care should be given to infants as soon as possible after birth if an examination reveals that the delicate segments of the cervical spine are not aligned properly. This examination can take place immediately after birth on any time thereafter.

Chiropractors have an understanding of the birth process from the standpoint of spinal dynamics. In the normal birth process, the infant's head passes through the birth canal by molding itself to the passageway facilitating the descent into the outside world. During this passage, the neck also molds itself to accomodate the head and like the cranial bones re-aligns itself back to normal. This is what occurs during a normal birthing process lasting only a few hours in all. It is generally thought that the normal birth process should take no longer than a few hours with only one to two hours in true labour. Preparatory labour may take longer than two hours to allow the child to be properly positioned for delivery.

If there are complications in the delivery process and the mother and child are in distress due to a prolonged labour, the effect of this situation is felt in the cranium and especially the neck. The delivery process is cleverly managed by the uterus to allow the fetus to be positioned for the passage of the head and the shoulder before entering the vagina. If the Uterus meets any resistance because of a lack of muscular coordination with the vagina and/or a failure of the pelvis and pubic joint to open, there will be repeated contractions by the Uterus to accomplish the birthing process. this leads to prolonge labours and extreme stress to the mother and fetus.

Because the medical profession and very often the Dula's are not aware of the necessity to have prebirthing chiropractic check-ups, pelvic misalignment goes undetected and uncorrected. Prolonged labour lead to the use of forceps to actually reposition the head and to gently induce the passage of the fetus through the vagina. This causes subluxations or misalignments to the neck which, if not corrected, may have dire consequences including spinal cord injury. In some cases, Caesarian delivery is the only option.

The cervical spine of the fetus soon to become an infant is extremely delicate and is not meant to be tractioned in any way. The neck will sustain pressure from the uterine side, but will subluxate with forceps repositioning and the slightest amount of traction. Problems that arise from a complicated delivery process may include severe headaches, torticollis, brachial plexus injuries, shoulder injuries, infantile colics, ligamentous sprains and muscular strains. Paranatal injuries are thought to be associated with the development of cerebral palsy, among other possible causes.

Chiropractic care for infants is done very gently at the marcoux chiropractic office. There is no need for structural manipulation of any kind. Gentle contacts at the appropriate spinal segments of the neck and spine are all that is neede to significantly correct spinal misalignment in the infant. We recommend that a spinal check up should be done as soon as possible after the birthing process. The sooner the better.

We advocate that pregnant mothers should have chiropractic throughout their pregnancy and should have a chiropractor present or available during the process of delivery.