Foot Levelers orthotics:

All our new patients receive a comprehensive weight bearing foot assessment and foot scan to determine the stabilty of the body's foundation. Any type of spinal correction will not hold unless the pedal foundation is intact and functional.

We use Foot Levelers orthotics when indicated as these are the only orthotics that go beyond lifting the main arch to actually stabilize the entire kinetic chain from the feet to the base of the skull. Foot Levelers will correct the three arches of the foot to remove the excess pronation and supination while helping the foot to maintain normal function.

Foot Levelers will not create what Podiatrists, physiotherapists and orthotists call "sub talar neutral" which is the alignment of the lower leg (Tibia)to the heel bone (calcaneous) at 0 degrees.

This actually causes the foot to lose normal pronation forcing the knees to compensate and try to function as a foot. Knee problems always follow. Foot Levelers restore a more normal function to the feet by creating a solid foundation to the pelvis which is the foundation to the spine.

We offer free foot scanning to anyone wanting to see what their feet are doing to their arches, their knees and to their spine.