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Weight Management Training

WHEN: To Be Announced

Where: 579 Des Meurons

This seminar is about gaining control of body weight and dimensions without going into weight loss. Weight loss protocols rarely are permanent. The body takes very unkindly to starvation, calorie counting or deprivation protocols. It strives to gain back what was lost in the weight loss program and it usually succeeds.

In this seminar you will learn to avoid this harmful yoyo. Learning to manage body weight through your best diet (by not dieting) will allow you to throw away your weight scale and always be in control of your size and weight.

Plus, you can learn about a product to help you kick start the process of weight control without putting you into starvation.

Investment: $100.00


WHEN: Early 2011

Where: 579 Des Meurons (in office)

A Clear day is an event where participants receive 4 Network entrainment (NSA) sessions or Network adjustments during the course of an evening and one day (Friday and Saturday). The Network entrainments are complemented by sessions in Somato-Respiratory-Integration (SRI)where participants are re-connected to their breath, touch, focused movement and attention. This process allows participants to shift their state of consciousness towards healing and personal transformation.

Grace So, a Toronto based Wellness Consultant who is certified in Somato-Respiratory-Integration will lead the SRI sessions.

This combined approach strengthens the beneficial effects of the Network entrainment towards healing and the removal of unwanted and outdated patterns in the nervous system, just as the entrainment strengthens the effect of the SRI experience.

The outcome of this experience translates into two states of consciousness:
  • Profound healing in the Body/Mind
  • Transformation of old life patterns into new productive living patterns.

FEBRUARY 19, 2011 4PM